Our Digital FilmMaker Magazine Article

Recently we had the privilege of getting a 6 page spread in Digital FilmMaker Magazine. As it’s not currently available online we thought we’d share it with you here, and give everyone a chance to read up a little more on how the series came to be made. Click on the images for a larger view.



Musketeers Assemble!

Pablo Olewski The First Musketeer

After a short break from fooling around with words and swords The First Musketeer is back on the tracks, the first stop being the cast read-through and interviews.

After welcoming actor Ryan Spong to our cast as Aramis we were finally able to get everyone together and hear how the script really works with the actors who now own the parts.

It all went well and after some final adjustments we have settled on a final draft which we hope will both inspire new audiences as well as do justice to fans of the original books by Dumas.

After finishing the read-through we moved onto the Actor’s interviews.

Edward Mitchell The First Musketeer

As the cast was all getting along so well, fight scenes aside, we decided to shoot a group interview and hear everyone’s opinions on the project so far, the results of which can be seen on our YouTube channel –

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Next stop equestrian antics and fun with swords…

What is The First Musketeer?


The First Musketeer is a brand new and original action/adventure web series, based on The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas, to be shot in the South of France next summer.

This exciting new project follows Athos upon his arrival in Paris, as he meets the people who will eventually become the sword-wielding heroes we know and love.

Over the next few months leading up to the summer we will be uploading behind the scenes interviews and sneak peeks so that you can follow our cast’s journey from Actors to Musketeers, so don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel to keep up to date with all the extra features: YouTube

The finished project will be streamed online over a series of 5 weeks, with multilingual subtitles, and will be viewable in most regions.

All for one…

Meet Porthos

Meet Porthos

Who is Porthos?

Porthos arrives in our story after Athos. A charismatic and eccentric young man, we meet him as he attempts to charm his way into the French court, by any means possible.

Porthos is an expert at spinning the truth, and his stories are legendary, but only Athos sees through his gilding to the man underneath. Loyal, Friendly and a bit of an outsider, he is the latest addition to our band of “lost boys”.

Meet Athos

Who is Athos?

The First Musketeer Series primarily centers around Athos, a young man escaping from a dramatic past. We meet him at his lowest point as he struggles to gather together the threads of his life and make a new future for himself.

Our Athos is a little different from the one we know from Dumas’ The Three Musketeers. He hasn’t yet grown into the wise leader we see in the novels. His journey is only just beginning and Athos must first overcome his demons before he can take on the role he plays in the stories we know.