Meet Ghislain

The First Musketeer

Who is Ghislain?

Ghislain is a new character from The First Musketeer. Best friends with Lazare since they served together under Henry IV of France, he enjoys the simple things in life. Good wine, good food, and a good fight.

Slightly less enthusiastic about the new young members of their group, he eventually becomes attached to the “lost boys” and helps as much to teach them the ways of a Musketeer as Lazare does.

What is The First Musketeer?


The First Musketeer is a brand new and original action/adventure web series, based on The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas, to be shot in the South of France next summer.

This exciting new project follows Athos upon his arrival in Paris, as he meets the people who will eventually become the sword-wielding heroes we know and love.

Over the next few months leading up to the summer we will be uploading behind the scenes interviews and sneak peeks so that you can follow our cast’s journey from Actors to Musketeers, so don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel to keep up to date with all the extra features: YouTube

The finished project will be streamed online over a series of 5 weeks, with multilingual subtitles, and will be viewable in most regions.

All for one…

Meet Porthos

Meet Porthos

Who is Porthos?

Porthos arrives in our story after Athos. A charismatic and eccentric young man, we meet him as he attempts to charm his way into the French court, by any means possible.

Porthos is an expert at spinning the truth, and his stories are legendary, but only Athos sees through his gilding to the man underneath. Loyal, Friendly and a bit of an outsider, he is the latest addition to our band of “lost boys”.