Medieval Rock Stars?

We were very priviledged during filming to have the fanastic Entr’act Spectacle spend a day filming with us in “The Pomme Du Pain”, our Musketeers’ fictional tavern.

It’s not often you come across a band who play the kinds of hits that can please both renaissance and modern ears alike, but after years of performing to delighted audiences across Europe Entr’act has mastered the art of entertainment.

They very kindly allowed us to use two of their songs in our show, in fact the track “Cahir” is the very one our Porthos refers to as his favourite, and you can listen to a number of their tracks here, as well as being able to download their albums on iTunes.

But in the meanwhile subscribe to them on YouTube for some crazy displays of skill, and enjoy one of their trailers for their live shows (and as scary as they look in make-up, we promise you they’re the loveliest people in real life!):