When Toby Met Tivoli

Toby Lord and Spanish Horse

Training continues for our Musketeer-wanabees and this time it was Toby Lord’s turn to jump into the saddle. Tivoli, an Andalusian/Arabian cross was introduced to Toby with great success, thanks to the carrots he had concealed in his back pocket.

Toby Lord The First Musketeer

After attempting to master some cone work they decided to wind down with a couple of tricks. Tony Sams, another cast member and horseman, taught Toby how to get Tivoli to bow.

Horse Bow

The horses are an incredibly important part of this film, allowing us to raise the levels of authenticity and helping to transport our audience into the 17th century. But they are more than set dressing. We should never forget that these are living animals and need a great deal of care and attention, and the skills of these film horses are a testament to the countless hours dedicated by their trainers. Let’s hope they don’t upstage our human actors…

Musketeer Combat Weekend


One of the most important elements of creating an action packed adventure series is to actually have some action. So last weekend we assembled our cast for their first weekend of “combat training” with the fantastic ID – Independant Drama fight team to get them trained up in the art of stabbing. Ronin Traynor and Dita Tantang were on hand to teach our actors to fight using rapier and dagger, a task they took to with great enthusiasm. To see more photos from the weekend check out our Flickr page by clicking here.



After a day of fighting our musketeers took to the local pub. Let’s just say that what happens on the combat weekend should stay on the combat weekend, and the following day was met with somewhat less enthusiasm. However we had cause for celebration as we were joined by our newest cast member Toby Lord, the third Scot to join our team. This was the first of many training days for our actors.

toby lord

The importance of authenticity on screen can’t be emphasized enough. When we get to France and begin to shoot the full series the actors will have an enormous task on their hands with all the riding and fighting involved, and obviously their safety is paramount. We have a way to go on the road to The First Musketeer but by September our actors will be throwing swords around without a second thought… if they last that long…