The Femmes Fatales

Milady De Winter

We’ve introduced the men so far, but now it’s time to shine some more light on the Femmes Fatales of The First Musketeer.

The infamous Milady De Winter, played by Jessica Preddy, makes an appearance, but you’ll have to watch the series to discover her story, whilst the new character of Marion De Lorme, played by Nicole O’Neill, is introduced to the Musketeer mythology for the first time.

Marion de Lorme

Although The Three Musketeers is a story centered on brotherhood, the women are important catalysts in our Heroes’ tales and have the power to affect the fates of the Musketeers with their actions, and teach them never to trust a book by it’s cover.

Milady De Winter and Athos

Celebrating our return to England!

The Musketeers

At long last we’re home, after a month of filming in the beautiful South of France. It’s been an amazing experience but one of the hardest of our lives. Now we’re straight into post-production in the attempt to get the series released early next year. In the meantime enjoy some selected stills from our shoot.

The Pilgrim and MarionAbove; The Pilgrim threatens Marion. Below; Athos recognises a face from the past…

Athos Sees Marion