Horsing Around

Musketeers on Horseback

As the main method of transport for any self respecting Musketeer, the noble horse was an important addition to The First Musketeer team.

Duke de Luynes on horseback

But it’s not quite as simple as turning up on set and asking your horses to be patient with the crew while they set up. This is why it was essential for our actors to learn how to ride before embarking on the series.

Fortunately a number of of actors were already expert riders, including Charles Barrett who can regularly be seen in the UK with the stunt riding team Atkinson Action Horses.

The Musketeers find a horse, Athos, Porthos

On our series we were assisted by the very talented team at Centre Equestre du Passe-Temps, who lent us the use of their beautiful horses for the duration of the shoot.

But of course, the horses don’t just stand around all day waiting for us to make a film, they have their own day jobs teaching people how to ride, and taking them out on adventures across the southern French countryside.

If you fancy learning to ride like a Musketeer, there are a number of packages to choose from, whether you’re a beginner who wants to enjoy the views of the Dordogne on horseback, or an expert looking for something a bit more adventurous.

If you’re interested in booking a riding holiday, or in finding out more information, you can contact the centre directly at this address: info@dupassetemps.com

And in the meantime, meet Athos’ horse:

Athos on Horseback



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