Why Web Series?

Edward Mitchell - Athos The First Musketeer

One of the questions I have been most frequently asked when discussing this project with interested parties is “Why are you making a web series?”. After all, the script is “feature length” so why don’t we just look for funding to make the project into a film?

Well for me the main reason is pretty simple. On the internet, I can do what I like.

There are of course many reasons why the internet has become such an attractive platform for movie makers worldwide, but the primary one is that I get to have complete control over the finished product. There are no producers or financiers, which  as far as the difficulties involved in getting bags of money to make the project isn’t great, but it does mean there is no one telling me when to shoot, how to shoot, what to shoot, and really, there is no better advantage for a Director than that.

Now, the second important reason is this; I live in Britain, just try to get a successful feature film made in this country. I’ve worked for a number of British film companies over the last few years, and I’ve had to sit and watch how difficult it is for a genuinely British film to get made. I’m not saying that in every other country it’s a piece of cake, but the trouble with England is that there seems to be so little available funding, and not enough support to change that fact. We have hundreds of foreign productions traveling to our shores every year, and our technicians are some of the best in the world, but the films made in England/Britain by British crews aren’t really British. And then once a film is made you have the problem with distribution. You are lucky if after all your efforts to get your film completed it all ends in a short run in some of the artier national cinemas. On the web, this is not the case. Obviously getting a bit of money together is the trickiest bit, but once it’s shot and we are ready to have the world see our work, we can quite literally let the world see our work. Once uploaded anyone anywhere with access to the internet can find our project, and viewing figures do really make a difference.

So, for me, the new frontier of the internet wins right now, and I can’t wait to see this new media platform expand throughout my web series experience.



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